Message From the Commander


We have resumed having our normal monthly meetings the first Wednesday of each month at 07:30 at the new location. This month we have some very important work to do so we need our Legion members to turn out for this meeting. This month is nomination month for the next fiscal year’s officers. You must be present to accept a nomination.

Addendum for April, May, June and July meeting:

Special Event: April: Marie Lundquist of the GA Dept of Veterans Services will be at the post from 4 to 7 to help veterans that have issues. Please bring a copy of your DD214.

April Meeting: Nomination of officers, presentation of the loans package and vote to accept. Information update on progress of opening. General Meeting.

May Meeting: We will have the election of officers for the next fiscal year (June 2021 to July 2022). I will introduce the operation on the kitchen and bar operation and how it will be managed. There will be an officer to oversee this operation. Old, New and for the good of the order business.

June Meeting:
Regular Business Meeting. Discuss workday schedule for cleanup and maintenance of our property.

July Meeting:
Short Business Meeting. The Installation of new officers. Reception for new officers to follow in event room.

I have listed the following topics we are working on with the Executive Board:

• The Executive Board has reviewed and approved a loan from United Community Bank. This loan will be presented to the members in our April meeting by our loan committee. We need to vote on this loan for acceptance by the membership.
• We have all licenses in hand, with excepting of our state liquor license. Lisa with North Georgia Accounting is working with the Department of Revenue on liquor license issue. We should have our liquor license by the end of the week, per comments from the DOR. This is the last issues to complete all licenses and permits. From there we will be able to open the doors, possibly Tuesday 13 of April.
• We have completed the bar area. Kary will start setting up the venders and orders will be placed to stock our bars and cooler. Richard (Casper) Haily and I purchased two cabinet from Home Depot and we modified them for the bar area. Ronny Wilkerson has made the tops. Malinda Baily has donated her time to come in and clean the building. There are other members that have also donated their time. I will list all that has stepped up to help at the Grand Opening.
• Kary Greif and Barbara Westfall are scheduled to take the ServSafe course. We must have this certification for the kitchen operation. These two employees will be scheduled to be on site when the kitchen is in operation. There will be assigned officers to manage and oversee this operation.
• Rico, Owner of the Rico restaurants, will be under contract to cater for events at the legion. I will propose a written contract to the members for approval at the May meeting. Rico is also setting up our menu for our kitchen and training our kitchen staff. We are planning on operating the kitchen on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in our club room. Comfort food only at this time. We will be looking at opening on Saturday evening for Steak night for couple. Sunday brunch is also being looked at.
• I have developed a program to start renting our facilities to include the kitchen. I have research with other legions in the state, and we have several options for our kitchen and event rental. We have our first event rental on April 17, a small wedding.

Our Grand Opening will be sometime later this year, possible June. We will open the doors for members and guest within the next week; (pending on the liquor license date of issue). We have Paragon engineering working on closing out issue with the pond. The city of Sugar Hill is working with us to get the final CO. We have approval from the city to open on a temporary CO. Our attorney is working on any legal problems. Post 127 is alive and will open within weeks.

Work Days:

We will be scheduling work days for any and all members to come out to work on our property. We will need to keep the grounds clean and mowed, the inside cleaned and shelfs stocked. As we grow and increase our income, we will be hiring those employees to take over these jobs. Right now it is up to us to step up and help. We all have a stake in our new home.

Commander Gary Evans

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