Find Old Glory

HOW THE GAME WORKS: Our Find Old Glory Game Board will be on display in the Club Room with 56 randomly placed, concealed flags - All 50 states, 5 flags of the military branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard - sorry, no Space Force yet), and "Old Glory", the American Flag.

Each space is numbered, 1-56. The goal is to find the American Flag.
Tickets are sold over the course of the week and a drawing is held every Friday at 8:00pm.
One ticket will be drawn. The winner of the drawing then selects one of the remaining numbers which will be peeled back to reveal a flag.
If it is Old Glory, the game is over and the owner of the raffle ticket wins the pot.
The flag of Georgia, the prize is $100.
Any of the 5 Military flags, are worth $50 and if the winner is a veteran of that branch of service the prize is doubled to $100!
The prize for every other flag is $25.
The remaining pot rolls over to the next week after each drawing while Old Glory remains covered, all tickets are archived, new tickets are sold, and another drawing happens the following Friday.
The process repeats, while the prize money continues to grow, until the Old Glory is revealed!

  • $5 per raffle ticket - No limit on number of tickets
  • Tickets available at the bar daily
  • Ticket sales begin immediately after each drawing and end 30 minutes prior to the next drawing.
  • 50% of ticket sales are donated to the Post, 50% goes into the Jackpot
  • Old Glory = Jackpot, Georgia Flag = $100, Military Flags = $50 or $100 if you're a veteran of that branch,  Any Other Flag = $25
  • Drawn ticket gets pick of any available spaces not already revealed
  • If not present,  jackpot winner receives 50% of pot with the other 50% going into the next week's pot.
  • New drawing each week, tickets disposed of after each drawing
  • Pot carries over if no jackpot winner
  • Drawing every Friday night in the Club Room @ 8 pm

Tickets Available Every Day at the Club Room Bar

*RULES OF THE GAME 1. To be eligible to play, you must be at least 18 years old. If your name is chosen, you must present your Driver’s License prior to selecting a number on the playing board. If you do not have your ID or do not meet the above criteria then another name will be drawn. 2. All raffle tickets are $5.00 per chance, with no limit on the number of tickets that may be purchased. Tickets may be purchased immediately after the weekly drawing and up until 30 minutes prior to the next drawing. Tickets will be sold behind the bar. 3. There can be only one name per ticket. Write your name, telephone number, and desired space # (should your name be selected and you not be present) legibly on the back of the ticket and return it to the bartender to be placed in the ticket drum. The other half of the ticket will be retained by the purchasing player for verification purposes. In the event you will not be present for the drawing, you may place the space number you wish to pick on the back of the ticket. If a player is not present and there is not a number on the chosen ticket, a space will be randomly selected. Do not write nicknames or abbreviations. 4. Each Friday (unless otherwise posted) at 8:00 PM, a name will be drawn from the tickets purchased that week. If you show up after 8:00 PM, and your name was announced 3 times, you will be considered not present. The bar POS system clock is the official clock. Drawings will not be held on holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas) that fall on Friday. 5. The total prize Jackpot will continue to accumulate weekly until the American Flag is found. The Jackpot amount, based on ticket sales, will be updated daily and prominently displayed in the Club Room area. 6. If your name is drawn, you get to choose a numbered space. If the chosen space is the American Flag, the winner will receive the Jackpot. In the event you are not present, your name is drawn, and you are the Find Old Glory winner, you will receive 50% of the Jackpot. The remaining 50% will be used as the starting amount for the next game. In either situation 50% of the ticket sales are donated to The American Legion Post 127 . 7. If the American Flag is not drawn, the winning payouts are as follows: Georgia Flag $100, Military Flags $50 or $100 is the winner is a veteran of that branch, all other flags are $25. If you are not present for the drawing you will receive only half of the amount and the other half will remain in the Jackpot. In all cases, valid identification will be verified before payment of any prize money. 8. Each week after the drawing, all tickets for that week’s drawing will be archived. 9.The Find Old Glory game board will be displayed in the Club Room. It will be locked at all times except for the drawing. 10. All winning players are responsible for any and all taxes. A W2-G will be issued for prizes over $1500. NO prize over $1500 will be paid until the W2-G information is completely filled out. If a player is unwilling or unable to provide W2-G information, the prize will revert to American Legion Post 127. 11. A representative of the Executive Board of American Legion Post 127 will address all discrepancies with final say. If the name on the ticket IS NOT LEGIBLE, the ticket will be considered void and another ticket will be drawn. All prizes associated with flags other than the American Flag will be paid out immediately, jackpot winners will be paid out on Monday after all ticket sales are tabulated. Jackpot amounts will be displayed for players’ information only. 12. The American Legion Post 127 must withhold income tax from payments on amounts in excess of $5,000.